The YRU Ocean Racing Championship (YRU ORC) is comprised of ten existing long-distance open-ocean races organized by YRUSC member clubs. The purpose of YRU ORC is to promote and develop competitive ocean racing.

Skippers are recognized for their overall performance in the best four-of-ten listed ocean races. Contestants are divided into three handicap classes and are awarded points based on their performance in their respective handicap classes. A perpetual trophy is awarded to the winning skipper of each handicap class. The class winner with the highest point total is awarded the BACCARAT Trophy, the class winner with the second highest point total is awarded the JACK FROST MEMORIAL Trophy, informally known as the King of Sweden trophy, and the class winner with the third highest point total is awarded the MARK SEGAL MEMORIAL Trophy. The trophies are usually presented to the winners during the opening day ceremonies of their yacht clubs.


To be eligible, a skipper must sail a minimum of four of the designated YRU ORC races. If more are sailed, the best four will be scored. Ties will be broken by the number of miles sailed in the best four finishes, then comparative times in the same races. NO EXTRA FEE OR ENTRY FORM is required by YRUSC. Interested skippers must contact the organizing authority to enter the races.


1 Jan 4 DRYC Malibu and Return
2 Feb 8-9 LAYC Around Catalina
3 May 3 DRYC Point Dume and Return
4 May 24-25 CBYC/DPYC Around Catalina
5 May 25 OYC/SWYC Oceanside to San Diego
6 Jun 21-22 OYC Oceanside/Dana Point and Return
7 Jul 12 SlBYC/DPYC Seal Beach To Dana Point
8 Jul 25-26 SBYC/KHYC Santa Barbara to King Harbor
9 Aug 30 SYC/DWYC/DPYC Long Beach to Dana Point
10 Oct 3 SWYC San Diego to Ensenada International Yacht Race